Car Carrier / Door to Door Deliveries /Container deliveries

We are vehicle transportation agency and among our services offer fleet delivery services to Car dealers, Vehicle assembly companies and private importers and exporters.

We make use of dedicated vehicle transporters to move your vehicles to most points in Namibia and most cities in southern African corridors. Our transporters are dependable and have experience in vehicle transportation.

At very competitive rates we deliver vehicles at key gateways and some major cities in southern African countries.


Abnormal Cargo Handling and Escort

We have a first-class experience in the clearing, handling and transportation of abnormal cargo, not only within Namibia but also across the borders. We provide safe delivery of these unusual loads.

We will take care of the entire necessary requirements including:

  • Abnormal permits
  • Handling
  • Transport
  • Escort Services
  • Route surveys and clearances