Pet Travel/Relocation

We appreciate that every pet has exceptional needs when it comes to relocating and movement across borders.

We do relocation and transport logistics services for most pets but principally for cats and dogs. We understand your pets are your cherished family members and for that reason we endeavor to offer the most personalized stress-free shipping service.

Rules, requirements, and regulations for travel can be daunting and confusing, especially when they vary from country to country and can change with short notice. Luckily, we have an experienced team to handle it all!


Our experts cautiously coordinate all phases of pet shipping from vaccinations, export and import permits, flights and kennel type and reservations, customs documentation, delivery and at times quarantine when necessary.

Through our network of overseas agents, we can arrange destination service you may require.

 Some of our services:

  • Picking up from and delivery to specified residences (door-to-door service)

  • Permits (Import and transit)

  • Local government or consular endorsements

  • Export permits for exotic animals

  • Airline-approved pet travel carriers

  • Custom kennels that meet IATA requirements for strong breeds

  • Arrangements for boarding and care